Monika Egerer

Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer researches community gardens, their diversity of plants and pollinators, and their importance for humans.

Peter Annighöfer

Prof. Dr. Peter Annighöfer researches the interdependence of forest functions and structures, forest regeneration and the ecological interactions between trees.

Michael Suda

Prof. Dr. Michael Suda researches the communication, sociology and opinions of forest owners. He is also a cabaret artist.

Sophie Arzberger

Sophie Arzberger is doing her PhD at the Chair of Forest and Agroforestry Systems. She is investigating how the vegetation structure of Munich's parks affects the urban microclimate.

Birgit Probst

Birgit Probst is a PhD student at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy. In the project she investigates nature perception and experience and their connection to human well-being from an environmental psychological perspective.

Steffi Burger

Steffi Burger is doing her PhD at the Chair of Urban Productive Ecosystems. Her focus in the project is on participatory socio-empirical research.

Michael Hemauer

Michael Hemauer is currently studying at the Technical University of Munich. As part of his master's thesis, he is working on the recording of songbird diversity as part of the Stadtoasen project.

Prof. Dr Monika Egerer
Prof. Dr Michael Suda
Prof. Dr Peter Annighöfer
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